Felt Photo Album Cover

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Embellish a photo album your loved ones can enjoy year-round as a fun alternative to chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day. Metallic threads and colorful beads add just the right amount of sparkle!


  • Purchased photo album for 4”x6” photos
  • Felt: purple, 7-1⁄2”x20”; pale pink, 4” square; hot pink, 3” square; fuchsia, 3” square
  • Kreinik Very Fine Metallic Braid #4, one skein each: Pale Pink, Magenta Sunset, Purple
  • Seed beads, size 11°, one package each: pink, magenta, lavender, purple


  • Beading thread
  • Needles: embroidery, beading
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Therm O Web HeatnBond Iron-on Adhesive

Basic Supplies

detail scissors, craft knife, straight pins



5-1⁄2”x7-1⁄8” (closed)


1. Place purple felt on flat work surface. Place album, opened flat and cover side down, in center of felt. Trace album onto felt; cut out, leaving 1⁄4” border at top and bottom and 3” to 4” border (for cover flaps) at each side. With felt right side up, mark front cover area with pins for design placement.

2. Print, cut out, and trace patterns onto paper side of iron-on adhesive. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access these patterns, select the link, then download and print patterns.) Cut out, leaving 1⁄4” border. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse paper shapes to felt as indicated and cut out; use craft knife or small, sharp scissors to cut out detailed center area. Remove paper backing. Fuse shapes to front cover area as shown.

3. Using one strand very fine braid in embroidery needle, blanket stitch around inside and outside edges of hearts with contrasting colors.

4. For sparkles around central design, use Pale Pink and Magenta Sunset in random order to sew sheaf stitches. Sew three parallel stitches, then come up at center behind middle stitch. Slide needle behind stitch to left, wrap around front of all three parallel stitches, and take needle down again at center behind middle stitch. (Note: This will pull outer stitches in to center.)

5. Stitch individual beads to ends of sparkles, using one color of bead per sparkle, and along unstitched heart edges, using one color of bead per heart. Stitch a cluster of beads to each corner of front cover. Sew radiating Magenta Sunset straight stitches out from bead clusters.

6. To finish, place felt right side down. Replace album on top of felt. Fold and pin cover flaps to inside and close album to check fit. Cover should be snug but should allow album to close easily. Remove album.

7. Sew a Magenta Sunset running stitch around album cover, 1⁄4” from edges, sewing through both felt layers as needed. Remove pins; insert photo album.

by Cindy Gorder

Have I Toad You?

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Have I “toad” you lately that I love you? Stitch this adorable toad cross-stitch as a fun way to let that someone special know exactly how you feel.


  • 14-count pale yellow Aida cloth, 9”x11”
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss
  • The Gentle Art Sampler Threads 6-Strand Gently Overdyed Embroidery Floss
  • Weeks Dye Works 6-Strand Hand Overdyed Floss
  • Buttons: toad, heart


  • Embroidery needle

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: 2 strands (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Cross-stitch: 2 strands

Basic Supplies



Size/Stitch Count

Approximate finished size: 4”x6”; stitch count: 57 w x 84 h

Toad Design

1. Print chart and key. (Note: The blue words “chart” and “key” are links. To access these, select the link, then download and print items.)

2. Stitch design centered on fabric.

3. Hand sew buttons to design using two strands GA Sampler: heart, #304 Red Medium; toad, #3362 Pine Green Dark.

4. Finish as desired.

by Nicole C. McNaught for Serenity in Stitching

Heartfelt Bear Pillow

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Any day is the best day for hugs and kisses! Make this bear and pillow for a sweet someone in your life this Valentine’s Day.


  • Fabric: light pink print, 3⁄8 yard; bright pink print, 1⁄4 yard; white, 1⁄4 yard
  • The Warm Company Warm & White Needled Cotton Batting
  • Pillow form, 12” square
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Pink/white check ribbon, 5⁄8” wide, 3⁄8 yard
  • White jumbo rick rack, 2-1⁄8 yards
  • Flat white buttons, 1⁄2”, 11


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Cool White, Baby Pink, Boysenberry Pink, Soft Black
  • Royal & Langnickel Paintbrushes: Natural Hair Bristle, #5; Crafter’s Choice Stencil, Series 1111, 1⁄4”; Royal Majestic Liner, Series 4595, #1
  • Stencils: alphabet; heart, 1/2”
  • Needle
  • Sewing thread: white, pink

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, pencil, straight pins



Cut 9” square from bright pink fabric. Stencil “Hugs and Kisses” using Cool White, spacing words 1⁄2” apart. (Note: Fill in stencil gaps with Cool White.)


Print and cut out patterns. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access patterns, select the link, then download and print items.) For pocket, cut one heart from stenciled fabric, one from remaining bright pink fabric, and one from batting. Baste batting heart to back of stenciled heart.


Beginning and ending at bottom point of heart, sew rick rack around stenciled heart, 1⁄4” from edge. (Note: Sew through center of rick rack.) Sew fabric hearts together with right sides facing along rick rack stitching, leaving 3” opening for turning. Clip seam. Turn heart right side out and hand sew opening closed.


Cut two 12-1⁄2” squares from light pink fabric. Pin heart pocket to front of one square, lifting heart slightly at center so bear will fit in pocket. (Note: Bottom of heart should be 1-1⁄2” from bottom of square.) Use pink thread to sew buttons to heart pocket (through all layers) where indicated.


Beginning and ending in bottom corner, sew rick rack around front of pocket square, 1⁄4” from edge. (Note: Sew through center of rick rack.) With right sides facing, sew fabric squares together along rick rack stitching, leaving 10” opening along bottom. Trim corners; turn pillow right side out. Insert pillow form into opening; hand sew opening closed.


Using pattern, cut two bears from white fabric. Transfer mouth and eyes to one bear. Drybrush cheeks Boysenberry Pink. Dot eyes and line mouth Soft Black. Add Cool White highlight dots to cheeks.


Stencil Baby Pink heart for nose and one centered at end of each arm and leg. Shade heart edges Boysenberry Pink.


Pin bear pieces together with right sides facing. Stitch bear, 1⁄4” from edge, leaving 2” opening along outside edge of one leg. Trim seam and clip lines where indicated on pattern. Hand sew opening closed with tiny whipstitch.


Tie ribbon into bow; trim ends. Hand sew bow to bear under mouth. Place bear in pocket.

by Mary Ayres