Embellished Towels

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day

Add a colorful fabric band accent to a towel for a one-of-a-kind gift or to coordinate with your household color scheme. Great for using your favorite leftover fabric or to make for various holidays!


  • Plain white towel
  • Fabric scraps
  • Coordinating all-purpose thread


  • VIVO™ by SINGER® Create & Repair Machine

Basic Supplies

scissors, straight pins, tape measure, iron and pressing surface


Measuring & Cutting Fabric

1. Measure width of towel from edge to edge; add 1” to measurement.

2. Determine height of towel for band (2”-3” is usually good height); add 1” to measurement.

3. Cut fabric scrap using width and height measurements taken in Steps 1 and 2.


1. Fold under 1/2″ on each raw edge of fabric to wrong side. Press.

2. Position fabric band on towel, pinning in place to secure.

3. Insert appropriate needle into VIVO™ Create & Repair Machine for fabric to be sewn.

4. Set machine for straight stitch.

5. Thread top of machine and bobbin with all-purpose thread in color that matches or blends as closely as possible to color of fabric band. (Note: If trying to choose between two colors, opt for darker color which will usually blend in better than lighter color.)

6. Carefully stitch close to folded edge on all four sides of fabric band. Be sure to remove pins as you sew. The presser foot will help guide fabric evenly while stitching.

7. Backstitch at beginning and end of stitching to help secure thread in place. (Note: Backstitching secures machine stitching so threads do not become loose. It is done by reversing few stitches on top of or just next to those machine stitches at beginning or end of line of machine sewing. To backstitch, position needle about 1/2″ from top edge of fabric. Stitch in reverse almost to raw edge. Change to forward and stitch to end of fabric. Reverse and backstitch about 1/2″.)

8. Remove towel from machine. Trim thread tails.


  • The more slowly you sew, the more control you have guiding the fabric while stitching.

Vivo™ by Singer® Create & Repair Tutorial Video

  • To view a video on using the Vivo™ by Singer® Create & Repair Machine and for helpful information on other sewing basics, click here.

by SINGER® (www.singerco.com)

Great Finds Friday: National Sewing Month Edition

There are two things any seamstress must have: the proper tools and a place to put them. Today, I am pleased to share a few of my favorite “must haves” for any seamstress no matter the skill level. These items are traditional sewing tools but with a fresh new take.

My friends at Clover and Creative Solutions have generously helped me put together the perfect sewing stash. So, on to the fun part of Great Finds: the GIVEAWAY!! If you are the lucky winner you will receive…

Some of my favorite tools by Clover that every sewing basket shouldn’t be without …

and of course the products featured today

And from Creative Solutions the perfect place to store all your new tools

AND a Pillbox Pincushion made by yours truly.

Giving us a retail value of well over $100 dollars, which would put a smile on any seamstress’ face.

All you have to do for your chance to win is comment on this post, then for an extra chance click on over to my blog and comment on my Friday Finds post for 9/13/2013.

Post your comments by 12am PST 9/19/2013.

Everyone needs great storage and Creative Options brings us practical storage solutions with flare. The Tapered Tote is the perfect sewing basket that will fit all your sewing basics and currently comes in two great color choices.

Love the idea of a thimble but never could find a comfortable one that would stay on my finger. Clover brings us the solution.  Protect and Grip Thimbles have flexible rubber for a comfortable fit that stays put and a metal thimble cap to protect your finger.

Wonder Clips and the New Jumbo Wonder Clips hold multiple layers together without damaging or distorting the fabric. Perfect for vinyls, piles, and heavy weight fabrics. Wonder clips all have a flat back that makes it easy to feed to the presser foot. The clips also have seam allowance markings. Check out a few clever ways to use these great tools… here.

And last, but certainly not least, Accuquilt.  Have you ever envisioned the die you need for a project, just to find that no matter how hard you looked and how many companies you look at, your perfect die just doesn’t exist? Well Accuquilt has the solution in Create your own GO! Custom dies. Send them the concept, approve the design, and your die ships in 5 business days! And if you are one of the first 100 you get a little something extra. Go check it out at Accuquilt.com.

Don’t forget to post your comments by 12am PST 9/19/2013 for your chance to win the “perfect sewing stash”.


by Jennifer Davey (www.bestillmycraftingheart.blogspot.com)