Thanksgiving Scarecrow Card

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all your blessings. Send wishes of a Happy Thanksgiving to your loved ones with this bright and colorful scarecrow card.


  • Cardstock: Lasting Impressions Cherry Pie, Weathered Beet Red, Weathered White; gold plaid
  • Small sinamay straw hat
  • Red raffia


  • Crimping tool
  • Flower punch, 5/8”
  • Hole punch, 1/8”
  • Computer and printer
  • Dimensional adhesive dots

Basic Supplies


Closeup of scarecrow



Trim Weathered Beet Red to 8-1/2”x11” to fit in printer. Use size 72 font of choice (designer used Chankarmy Garamor font) and computer to print “Happy hanksgiving” as shown. Trim to 7-1/8”x8”, with words ending in bottom right corner; score and fold in half.


Cut 2”x6” piece from Cherry Pie; crimp. Adhere along left side of card front; trim to fit. Punch two flowers from Cherry Pie; adhere over dots in i’s. Use hole punch to punch four dots from Weathered Beet Red. Adhere two to flower centers; set remaining two aside.


Print and cut out pattern. Cut body from gold plaid cardstock and face from Weathered White. Use black marker to draw details on face and overalls. Adhere remaining two red dots to overalls for buttons.


Cut small pieces of raffia; adhere behind body so 1/2” shows for hands and feet. Adhere raffia around face for hair. Cut small portion from sinamay hat and adhere over hair. Use dimensional dots to adhere head and body to card over crimped paper as shown, making sure to line up “T” body with “hanksgiving”.

by Loretta Mateik

Pilgrim Salt & Pepper Shakers

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Create these quick-and-simple pilgrim salt & pepper shakers as the perfect finishing touch to your Thanksgiving table!


  • Salt & pepper shaker set with straight sides (available at Linens ‘n Things #398216-130814)
  • Canvas fabric
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Antique Gold, Burnt Orange, Slate Grey, Warm White, Honey Brown, Toffee, Lamp Black Mississippi Mud
  • Antique metal eyelets, 1/8”, 16
  • Black mini brads, four
  • Ribbon scraps: orange/white, black/ivory stripe
  • Hemp cord, 24” length, two


  • Brown ink pad
  • Hole punches: 1/16”, 1/8”
  • Paintbrush
  • Sewing Machine and black thread
  • Eyelet setting tool
  • Sandpaper

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, transfer paper, sponge scrap



Adjust size of canvas rectangles and pattern if needed. Canvas rectangle should cover most of straight sides of shaker, leaving 1/2” opening at side for lacing.


1. Cut two 2”x5-1/2” canvas rectangles. Paint both sides of rectangles Warm White; let dry.

2. Print and cut out pattern; transfer designs to rectangles, continuing lines across entire rectangle.

3. For girl, paint: top hair Honey Brown; face Toffee. For boy, paint: back of rectangles Mississippi Mud; hat band Lamp Black; buckle Antique Gold; remaining hat Mississippi Mud; hair Burnt Orange; face Toffee. Let dry.

4. Machine sew straight stitch around details and fabric rectangle edges.

5. Antique rectangle edges with brown ink, using dry sponge scrap.

6. Punch 1/16” holes at both ends of fabric rectangles as indicated by pattern; attach eyelets. Tie ribbons and sew to bottom of faces.

7. Wrap fabric rectangles around shakers. Lace hemp cord through eyelets, beginning at bottom and tie bow at top.

by Mary Ayres



Thanksgiving Memories

November for us in the United States is our Thanksgiving holiday. My family celebrates Thanksgiving with my in-laws. We will all gather together for an afternoon of eating, talking, and laughing. My project today is a journal that celebrates the holidays. This was published in Crafts ’n things October 2011.

The concept behind the journal is to create a gratitude journal, to share pictures from the family gatherings and capture the things we are grateful for.

The base of my project is a spiral-bound notebook. I took the pages from the spirals and slid them out to allow me to work on them.

The cover of my gratitude journal was stamped with a lovely “thanks” definition in brown ink to create a background. I inked up my leaves using yellow, orange, and red dye inks and stamped them randomly across the cover.

I die cut the frame and stamped the beautiful sentiment onto the die cut. I placed the die template back over the stamped sentiment and sponged yellow dye ink around the edges.

I stamped two additional leaves and cut them out to accent the front. I attached the sentiment with some tulle and a flower. The finishing touches were glittery accents.

On the inside, I added a family photo on one page and left the second page open for journaling.

On this page, I framed a picture of my kids at Thanksgiving inside a die cut. I placed this over a stamped “Happy Thanksgiving” script background. I added a touch of ribbon, flowers, and more stamped leaves.

On the right-hand page, I stamped a tree with fall leaves and a sentiment. I added the year and distressed the edges of both pages with brown dye ink.

The spiral book allows for adding pages as the years go by. This little journal is great for sticking in your purse and bringing along to the family event; everyone can write a note at the gathering of what they are thankful for. You can take a picture of everyone and add it later.


  • Stamps: Hero Arts Thank You Definition CG268, Leaf Prints CL395, Large Happy Thanksgiving G5463, Old Letter Writing S4878, Ledger CG138; Colorbok/TPC Studio Autumn Harvest Set; Penny Black Snow Dust 4102K; Verses Rubber Stamps Bright Hopes Anniversary
  • Die-cutting system and Spellbinders Nestabilities Dies: Labels Eighteen, Fleur De Lis Squares
  • Ink pads: brown pigment; brown, yellow, red, gold, orange dye
  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist: Tuscany Sun, Daffodil
  • Watercolor pencils: brown, yellow, gold, red, orange

With gratitude,

Suzanne Czosek from Suzz’s Stamping Spot (

Turkey Time

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Silk leaves make up this turkey’s colorful tail. Have the kids make a whole flock to decorate the Thanksgiving table.


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Balls: 3”, two; 1-1/2”, one
  • Recycled aluminum can
  • Wiggle eyes, two
  • Silk oak leaves
  • Craft sticks, two
  • Candy corn, small amount
  • Raffia


  • Acrylic paints: gloss brown, yellow
  • Adhesives: low-temp glue gun and sticks, thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, skewer, paintbrush, toothpicks, scrap piece of foam, newspaper (to cover work surface)



Approximate Size: 8″x10″


Glue guns are hot and can burn. If using a low-temp glue gun, have the adult in charge handle the glue gun.


1. On covered work surface, paint recycled can glossy brown. Let dry.

2. Insert toothpicks into one 3” and 1-1/2” balls to use as handles while painting. Paint balls brown; let dry. (Note: Insert toothpicks into scrap piece of foam while paint dries.) Paint craft sticks yellow. Let dry.

3. To assemble turkey, apply glue to toothpick and insert into 1-1/2” ball (head); apply glue to other end of toothpick and attach head onto 3” ball (body). Insert and adhere craft sticks (legs) into bottom of body; position sticks toward back of body.

4. Position remaining 3” ball into can. Insert turkey legs into foam ball in can. Remove turkey, add glue to holes, and reinsert turkey.

5. Cut stems from silk leaves; insert leaves into back of turkey, creating fan-shaped tail. If needed, make small holes with pointed skewer; insert leaves. Spot glue to hold leaves in place. Insert one leaf on each side of turkey for wings. Adhere wiggle eyes and candy corn beak on face.

6. Wrap raffia around top of can; adhere in place. Tie 8” raffia length into bow. Adhere raffia bow on center. Adhere candy corn at random on can.

by Michelle LeSage for The Dow Chemical Co.

Autumn Centerpiece

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day

Become your own personal florist – it’s easier than you think. Impress family and friends by making this beautiful autumn centerpiece this Thanksgiving season.


  • Dow STRYOFOAM Brand Foam Disc, 2″x8″
  • Silk autumn leaves bush
  • Silk mum and berry bush
  • Autumn fruit and gourd picks, three
  • Glass candleholder, 5-1⁄2″ diameter., 8″ tall
  • Spice-scented candle, 4″ tall
  • Glass floral beads, small bag
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue


  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors


Centerpiece Base

1. Cut foundation foliage to 8″ lengths. Dip ends in glue and insert into side of disc, facing to the right and rotating disc counter-clockwise as you insert foliage. Leave room in center of disc for placement of glass candleholder.

2. Cut flowers into 5″ lengths, dip ends in glue, and insert at various positions within foliage.

3. Dip pick ends in glue and insert at equal intervals throughout.

4. Let dry for two hours. Fluff foliage for a more natural look.


1. Gently place glass beads in bottom of candleholder.

2. Insert candle and place holder in center of base. (Note: Never leave lit candles unattended.)


Substitute the candleholder and candle with a jar candle. You’ll find so many great color and scents!

by Barb Sunderlage

Give Thanks Greeting Sign

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks… of family gatherings and holiday meals… a time for Indian corn and holiday parades. Why not say it all with this simple front door greeting?Materials

  • Rusty tin plaque, 5-1/2″ x12″, #11-90117 (available from Cupboard Distributing,
  • Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics: Antique Gold, Autumn Brown, Bamboo, Black, Burnt Umber, Charcoal, Dark Forest Green, Golden Brown, Red Iron Oxide, Rooster Red, Straw, Terra Cotta, Trail Tan


  • Royal & Langnickel Aqualon Paintbrushes: Angular, Series 2160, 3⁄8”, 1/2”; Shader, Series 2150, #8; Liner, Series 2595, #10/0; Round, Series 2250, #4; Angular, Series 2160, 3⁄8”; Glaze/Wash, Series 2700, 3/4”
  • Sponge roller
  • Outdoor water-based varnish

Basic Supplies

transfer paper, pencil, newspaper (to cover work surface)



1. Wipe surface with damp cloth to remove dust. Use sponge roller to base Bamboo.

2. Print pattern; transfer basic details onto sign board.

3. Use glaze/wash to float Autumn Brown along edges of sign board. Use 1/2″ angular and Burnt Umber to run soft float along right side of letters, and along bottom of letters and images sitting on ground; deepen sign board corners. Use #4 round to base letters Black. Use Terra Cotta to base left ear of corn and pumpkin. Use Golden Brown to base center ear of corn, right apple, and every other turkey feather. Use Trail Tan to base corn leaves, remaining turkey feathers, and Indian head band. Use Autumn Brown to base turkey body, head, and wings. Use Antique Gold + Terra Cotta (3:1) to base hat buckle, turkey beak, and center apple. Use Charcoal to base Pilgrim hat and turkey hat. Use Rooster Red to base right ear of corn, wattle, and left apple. Use Red Iron Oxide to base hat band on Pilgrim and turkey hats. Use Dark Forest Green to base pumpkin leaf with one coat; base stem Burnt Umber.

Painting Instructions

Ears of Corn
Shade Red Iron Oxide along inside edges of two outer ears; highlight Straw along outer edges. Shade Burnt Umber along outer edges of center ear; highlight Straw down center. Shade Dark Forest Green along bottom of each leaf and to separate leaves. Use 10/0 liner and Burnt Umber to add corn detail lines.

Pilgrim Hat
Shade Black above and below hat band and buckle. Shade Charcoal on hat band to either side of buckle. Shade Burnt Umber along bottom of buckle. Highlight Straw along top of buckle; add strong highlight lines across top and sides of buckle.

Float Burnt Umber on wings along edges of body to separate wings from body; float along bottom of body and under hat. Use Black to deepen shading separating wings from body; float little “c” stroke feathers on wings. Float little Burnt Umber “c” strokes on body. Float Autumn Brown along outer edges of tail feathers. Starting at top center of tail feathers, float Autumn Brown along left side of right tail feathers, then along right side of left tail feathers. Float Red Iron Oxide along left side of wattle. Highlight Straw on right side of beak and center of hat band. Dot eyes Black. Use Trail Tan to line feathers on body and wings, and to highlight along bottom of hat; highlight dot eyes. Use Burnt Umber for line work on tails feathers, and Red Iron Oxide for bands of color. Use Black to loosely outline entire turkey, body, beak, and wattle.

Indian Head Band
Use Burnt Umber to shade fold of headband; outline edges of band and triangles. Use Red Iron Oxide to paint triangles. Use any color on palette to paint feather. Use liner and work one color at a time to form shape; layer with several other colors. (Note: Artist finished by adding charcoal in tip and center stripe.) Base nail Charcoal; add Bamboo highlight lines.

Float Red Iron Oxide along outer edges; repeat along down side of each as needed. Add strong Straw highlight stroke on each apple. Paint stems Burnt Umber. Add Dark Forest Green stroke on a leaf or two.

Float Red Iron Oxide to separate sections, and to float along bottom and top; deepen with Burnt Umber. Use Straw to dry brush highlight in center of each section; add strong highlight strokes in middle sections. Use Dark Forest Green to shade along bottom edges of leaf and down center for vein; add a couple curly tendrils. Use Trail Tan to highlight along top edge of leaf and down center vein. Use Black to shade along bottom of stem.


Apply several varnish coats

by Robyn Thomas

Rustic Pumpkins

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Turn your front porch into the envy of the neighborhood with this trio of quick-and-simple rustic pumpkins.


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Sheets: 1″x12″x18″, 1⁄2″x12″x12″
  • Modern Options Paints: Metallic Surfacer, Iron; Antiquing Solution, Rust
  • Brown acrylic paint (optional)


  • Paintbrush, 1″
  • Utility knife or serrated kitchen knife
  • Teaspoon

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, soap, newspaper (to cover work surface)



9-1⁄2″, 14-1⁄4″, 17-1⁄2″ tall


1. Print and cut out pattern. Transfer design. Use knife to cut materials from plastic-foam as indicated. (Note: Rub blade with bar soap to help blade glide through foam easily.) Make 1⁄4″-deep, “V”-shaped cuts along section lines. Use edge of spoon to smooth cut edges and tip of spoon to press central vein line on each leaf.

2. Adhere leaves to pumpkins.

3. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to paint pumpkins and leaves two coats Iron. Paint backs Iron or Brown. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and use disposable brush to paint pumpkins and leaves Rust.

by Kathleen George for The Dow Chemical Co.

Give Thanks Chalkboard

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


To make this Thanksgiving season truly special, ask family members to list a blessing on this chalkboard each day until the holiday arrives. Or, make several as placecards for the holiday meal.


  • Chalkboard, 5″x7″
  • Wooden items: beehive, 2″; tulip, 1″; sign, 2″; acorn, 1″; pre-stained easel, 6″
  • Glitter maple leaves
  • Assorted beads and spacers
  • Wire: brass, 20-gauge, 4′ length; black, 22-gauge, 4″ length


  • Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints: Black, White, Empire Gold, Antique Gold, Moroccan Red, Terra Cotta, Raw Sienna, Spice Brown
  • Black fine-tip permanent marker
  • Powdered blush
  • Matte sealer
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Drill with 1⁄16″ bit
  • Wood glue
  • Bead board (optional)

Basic Supplies

paintbrush, wire cutter, sandpaper, newspaper (to cover work surface)





1. Use wood glue to glue tulip (head) to top of beehive (body). Drill hole in top of chalkboard frame and two holes in opposite sides of sign top.

2. Paint: frame and sign Empire Gold, shade Raw Sienna; acorn Raw Sienna; acorn cap Spice Brown with Antique Gold + Terra Cotta (3:1) brush strokes; turkey head and body Terra Cotta. Draw face as shown. Paint: beak Empire Gold; wattle Moroccan Red. Sand turkey until smooth and shade edges Spice Brown. Apply blush to cheeks. Dot eyes White and pupils Black. Apply sealer. Let dry. Use marker to add line details to turkey edges and to write sign lettering.

3. Use Fig. 1 as tail feather bending guide. Cut 3′ wire length. Working from center feather out to edges, thread beads as desired for a total of five tail sections. (Note: For easier beading, use a bead board to place bead combinations in desired order.) After each section is complete, twist wire to secure. Push feathers together and bend wire ends out at bottom for turkey’s feet (Fig. 2).

4. Use hot glue gun to glue leaves and acorn as desired to frame and turkey to tail. Adhere turkey to frame. Wrap remaining brass wire length around chalk several times and thread end through frame front; twist wire at back to secure. Attach beads to wire end. Thread black wire ends through sign holes and wrap each end around wire to secure.

Chalking in Thanks

The days fly by and the seasons change without a moment’s notice. In today’s busy world, taking a moment to sit back with loved ones and reflect upon all of life’s precious gifts is a priceless luxury. The holidays bring families closer together and heighten everyone’s appreciation for even the small things too often taken for granted. If you choose to create the placecards, ask each guest before the meal begins to write down at least one thing they’re thankful for this past year. Maybe someone overcame an illness, came home from patriotic duties, or was blessed with the birth of a new child. Even in the aftermath of personal and family hardships, take the time to try and find the day’s and future’s silver lining.

by Meggan Maravich